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Fitness-newI offer varied programs for personal training, nutrition, and supplementation. All of these are customized for YOU and you, alone! Each will be specifically designed for you to meet your unique goals. For this reason, you may select from the programs offered, but if you feel you need something different or additional, please contact me. All programs are for appropriated periods of time. If you are in need of a different, time specific program, please contact me. All programs come with unlimited e-mail support and all the “moral support” and motivation one could ask for! All clients receive a wide array of very personalized services including analysis of “progress pictures”, measurements, and managing personal issues- whatever they might be. The idea is to have a very personalized, personal trainer…..ON-LINE!!! And with the forum coming, we can share and support each other, should you choose to.

All programs are customized for YOUR personal needs. Maybe you want to look like a fitness model, maybe you need to lose two dress sizes, lose that post- pregnancy weight?!? Maybe you have health issues or MAYBE you just want to FEEL BETTER!!!

Whatever, your needs, we’ll reach your goal. Programs include unlimited e-mail support and monthly updates.

Nutrition-newNutrition note:

There are several factors that should be addressed when considering a sound nutrition program. Contrary to popular belief, “calories in/calories out” is outdated science. There are infinite calorie choices. How do you choose the right foods to support optimum health and NOT merely “fill your calorie allotment”? There is nutrient timing- giving the body the “right foods” at the right times. There is tremendous importance in addressing hormonal and adrenal system needs. We hear of so many people zapping their metabolisms on crash diets, only to have to work for years to get their metabolism resurrected and functioning ideally, again.

Many of you are performance athletes. Or, perhaps you are not yet, but want to be? In this case, we need to address inflammation in the body. By implementing an “adrenal conscious” (the body’s stress response system), anti-inflammatory diet, we optimize your performance which in turn, maximizes your workouts. And we all know, the more muscle you possess, the more calories you are burning during ANY activity- even watching TV. It’s like investing in your body as a mutual fund that yields a better return.

We tend to get in a “mental rut” that “I can only eat these foods and not those foods”. This ideal “can” yield some good results, but it’s not the BEST result for long term health and continued improved performance. Many of us have been eating foods that are not only “unfriendly” for fat loss, they are unfriendly to all of our systems- boosting cortisol levels and further taxing the body with added water retention, damaging inflammation, and destroying tissue. We need to not only eat foods that help us lose fat and retain lean muscle mass, we need to incorporate antioxidants, good fats, and a wide spectrum of nutrients as to actually BE HEALTHY! Healthy is not just looking good, but also feeling good and aging well!

I usually suggest a 12 week program as it is a good amount of time to create changes that are in a healthy timeline- without crashing and compromising muscle. I am NOT a fan of the 2-3 cardio sessions a day and fat burners approach- unless absolutely needed. This approach is “successful” until you stop doing hours of cardio and want any semblance of a normal life! I generally find it is NOT needed once you’re actually fueling the body correctly. By giving the body WHAT IT NEEDS WHEN YOU NEED IT, you have in in effect, built a more efficient calorie burning machine that works operates much more effectively than before.

12 week Training, Nutrition, & Supplementation – $279.99

12 week Nutrition & Supplementation – $149.99

12 week Training & Supplementation – $149.99

12 week Supplementation – $69.99

One Time Nutrition OR Training Program, w/ Supplementation – $149.99

Monthly Maintenance (Ongoing Programs):

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This is a phenomenal idea for a group that wants to “get fit together”. Or a business or office that wants to improve health and increase productivity. We will address goals and how to achieve them. We’ll discuss, in detail, training, nutrition, and supplementation programs that will work for you. We will also address time allocated for implementing training and proper food preparation. I have amazing tips for being time efficient!
Please contact me for rates.


Please, be as specific as possible when e-mailing and answering questions. Because these are custom personal training programs, I am most effective when most informed! (Note: All purchased packages are non-refundable.)


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