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“About a year ago I met a woman, who taught me the passion of working out. I found freedom in the challenge and peace in the mind to body connection. I’ve never been in such great health- AKA great shape.
As I grew in strength, she continued to raise the bar. When I felt unwilling or unable to preform, Heather would get right in the trenches with me.
In the beginning I would think, “This women is trying to kill me!”
Until one day she convinced me that I could lift my body up off the floor with my hands, while my feet rose above my head. I felt strength like never before.
“So what did Fit Mama do for me?”, you ask? She showed me that given the right direction, I can do for myself what I never thought possible!
Oh if that wasn’t enough, before each session, she would ask the question, “MB… what are you grateful for?”
I am grateful for phenomenal growth.
Thank you, Heather”

~”MB” (Maribel)

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I just had to send you a message because I just finished reading your story and I can’t even begin to tell you the emotions that came flying out of me these last 3 days. My own battle is a struggle everyday and lately I’ve felt like just giving up and surrendering to my bulimia to deal with my life. Just when I thought about giving up you came around and posted your story and for me it came at the best time. It made me look at myself and realize that it’s never going to be easy but giving up is not the answer. haha, I’m crying as I write this..I don’t know why this had made me so emotional. I think that it’s also made me look back at the time when I was really bad off and I first met you. You never judged me, you were always there for me and even when I wanted to give up on myself you never did. I was able to call you my friend and honestly I never met anyone more passionate and loving and caring then you. You really did change my life and helped show me that I was worth everything in the world. You might not be around or I might not talk to you much but when things get bad I think of you…and somehow I pick myself back up and keep going. You are truly an amazing women and I am so glad that I was able to meet and get to know you miss fit mama : ) I love you and will always think of you as a true friend and in my heart forever.

~Name Withheld

When I was first introduced to Heather, I had been training for a figure competition. However, what I was doing was causing me more harm than good. When she called me and told me to have a cheat meal, I thought to myself, “She has lost her mind!!” I knew I had to trust her, so I did exactly what she told me to do. This formed a bond of trust that was more than just coach and athlete it became a mentor and mentee bond. I had to trust Heather mentally in order to see the physical benefits. After the show, I kept in contact with Heather just checking in with her from time to time. It was great receiving words of encouragement from some one I looked up to. When we began to cut down for my next couple of shows, I had a mental break down and she was there every step of the way. She told me that it was okay to take a step back and take care of myself. She shared her story with me and I couldn’t believe that she had gone through that, but it also helped me to realize where her strength and wisdom came from. Words would never be enough for how much she taught me and helped me mentally and emotionally. With her help I was able to find my SWAG and confidence and for that I am forever grateful.

~Alyshia B.

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Many words can be used to describe Heather Petersen. When I met Heather (4yrs ago), I was at a low point in my life. Nearly 50lbs over weight and no desire to live life. Within a year, I had lost over 40lbs.

Heather is wonderful person. Unique in many ways, but her faith in what she does is her biggest asset. That faith is her internal desire to help people, through motivation and determination. While she is a hard driver, she is also compassionate in her approach to helping people achieve what they thought they couldn’t.
Her work ethic with me was greatly appreciated. I will forever be in her debt for helping me regain the very thing I thought I had lost. What I had lost was my self respect. I did not like the way I looked or the way I felt. I not only worked a physically demanding full time job, was also striking out as an actor when I met her.
I am honored to have met her, and call her my friend (for life).

John B


This is my dear friend Heather. She is not a super model, though she was blessed with the looks to be. Instead she has elected to dedicate her life to helping people in recovery with a holistic approach including fitness, support understanding and love. She helps from the inside out and the outside in. If you’re struggling with alcoholism or addiction, depression post traumatic stress or unruly teenagers, I suggest you get in touch with her. She’s amazing.

Michele F.

How do you start to write something about a woman that saved me from myself? I joined a gym in January, started taking spin classes but something was missing- the weight wasn’t coming off like I wanted it to. At that time I was 5′ 1″ and 238lbs! I asked the gym about personal training. They showed me my choices and I thought, “do I want a guy or do I want a girl trainer?” Needless to say, I chose the BEST. Heather and I clicked right away! She not only was tough on me, pushed me, and praised me, she became a true friend- someone who told me the truth when I needed it. I was very shy because of my size, Heather had me doing things with paper plates around a crowded gym! I was mortified! But, when people at the gym started noticing my weight loss, I started to come out of my shell. I’ve seen Heather at her highest of highs- training for a competition and her lowest of lows- hunting her down and driving her, myself, to a detox. She knows her stuff and will be one person that will always have your back, pick you up when your down, and make you work your ass off. I went from a size 24, weighing 238lbs to a size 10, weighing 156lbs. All because Heather believed in me, helped me find myself, pushed me, and last but not least, became a friend that I will always cherish and thank God that she is in my life.

Heather T.

Corbis-42-17025044 - CopyI just wanted to say I’m proud of you. Heather you are so easy on the eyes that its easy for other to compare themselves to you and get distracted. Most weren’t blessed with the beauty gene. the fact that you are not pretentious makes you even more attractive as a person inside period!!! And with that people want to be in your presence. If you can save one soul with your new endeavor you have done God’s work.
I love you and I’m proud of you gal!!!!



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