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Recovery cuffs are awesomely unique!   Each is entirely handmade and 100% leather. You design the cuff and you pick the charms!  Rock your recovery,  your kids or best friend’s name, or make your cuff All About You!



              rsz_20141218_104526                             rsz_20141218_104545                                        20141210_145649


The  two pictured here (left and center photo),  were for two women with names beginning with the letters “E”, and “M”.  They also had a cross and a charm with kids’ names.  The cuff on the left is on “San Fran”, and the right is “Sedona”.   The cuff on the far right (right photo), is made on “Portland”, with the charms placed differently.


rsz_20141210_145755                                                 20141210_145856

I made a thick turquoise cuff for my buddy.  The charms are an AA “One Day At A Time” medallion, a BFF half heart with her bestie’s name on it, a charm that says “Fit Mama”, and her sobriety date.


PicsArt_1420427447447                         PicsArt_1420420164893                           PicsArt_1420427239390

You simply choose your leather (the cities for the Thin Cuffs…. black, dark or light brown, turquoise, or turquoise embossed, for the Thick Cuffs), pick a lace wrap, choose a nameplate or a medallion, and select your “charm info”.  The cuff directly below is made with a bronze nameplate as opposed to a medallion.  If you choose a nameplate, simply decide what you want on it- your name, your amor’s name, “Badass”, etc.


20141227_150801                      20141210_145728-1


Choose your medallion:


20141227_150835        20141227_150844        20141227_150905-1         20141227_150910




rsz_20141225_163832     20141225_163735

For men (and for ladies- mine is like this), I make a larger cuff, minus the charms.  You choose a coin,  and what you want as your metal- a cross, or maybe a hobby and then your sobriety/clean date or a name perhaps.


Once you place your order, please shoot me an email with the following information ABOUT WHO THE CUFF IS FOR:

1.) Leather choice

Thin Cuff= Pick a city

Thick Cuff= black, dark brown, light brown, turquoise, turquoise with brown embossing


2.) Info needed to make your charms (i.e. your sobriety date, kids’ names, etc).


3.) Choice of medallion or nameplate


4.)  3 of your hobbies and 3 interests/special things about you!  Are you dainty or are you tough?  Hard lines or curves?


5.) Your phone number!!! Thanks!

~No two are the same… Just Like US!!!

~Recovery Cuffs are a patent pending design.  “All About Me” Recovery Cuffs are a trademarked concept.

Price: from $42.99
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