LifeMakers Hoppo Tent Stay


Hoppo 3-month Tent Stay

All Amenities Included

Welcome to The LifeMakers Village, where you are immersed in a culture where you can THRIVE; surrounded by people who are going to help you grow, keep you accountable, and motivate you in order to achieve your goals. Once in the village, you are no longer alone…

Amenities included (but not limited to)
• Personal Training Program
• Custom Nutrition Program
• Around-the-clock Coaching
• Group Motivation and Support
• Daily Check-Ins
• Morning Meditations
• Life Lights

“My tribe meets in a virtual meeting place. We have our own hangout- called our tent. In here, we can discuss most anything. We HAVE to talk about our fitness and nutrition goals every day, but we CAN talk about anything. I’ve never been so open with other women. Each one lives in a different state, we don’t know each others’ last names- or even anyone’s phone number, so, it’s really cool that way. I feel safe. Heather, my tribe are there every day. We start the day with a God-filled meditation. There’s nothing but love in the tent. Just women showing up for other women. And I can ask a question about my training and nutrition programs and get an answer that day! Being in the tent makes it pretty much impossible to drop the ball. I have quit every program I’ve ever tried. Sometimes I just get bored. My husband said the other day that he was so glad that I decided to join a tent. He said “You quit everything else!” Plus, there’s cooking videos, training videos, pretty much everything you need!”

Price: $399.00
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